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From engaging with communities, social media communication, to planning great insightful events, strategizing about complex issues and producing new content and projects, I can help you build new strategies, train your staff in inclusive and digital practices, and explore thought-provoking and creatives avenues for engagement. I offer a variety of services that go from individual consultation to classes, courses, workshops and guest presentations. Get in touch for any bespoke additional services not included here.



Explore ways to include storytelling in your museum exhibition, for education and outreach

I am an experienced storyteller, and I can train your staff to develop their ability to use storytelling in exhibition, for education and outreach. Storytelling is a great way to engage your audience and a first step towards participatory projects. You can use the art of storytelling in your physical and digital displays but also for communication and marketing.

In 2018, storytelling was a fundamental aspect in my successful project at Leicester Museum and Art gallery, creating new labels for the World Arts gallery by inviting refugees and asylum seekers to share stories these objects evoke, and how they link to their own life experiences. 


Participatory projects

Engage your community in your cultural institution by developing participatory projects both online and in your physical institution.

Participatory projects are a great way to connect with communities close and far, but they need close planning so they are inclusive and ethical to these communities. Participatory projects can range in format and budget and can apply to any institution or project.

Since 2016, I run a partipatory project on human remains in museums, called Mummy Stories, creating a worldwide community discussing ethical challenges in museums in relation to human remains. Participatory projects are a great way to engage your public to be active in contemporary debates, and create a sense of belonging.


Digital media

2020 proved that digital experiences are an asset for cultural institutions and individual projects, but they need to be planned to be accessible, engaging and creative.

Digital experiences range from online websites, social media communication, newsletter, but also augmented reality, touch screens and other devices in your physical spaces. A successful digital strategy can lead to greater engagement, successful participation and brand success. But digital experiences require thoughtful planning, additional accessibility, ethical representation and communication and planned delivery.

I have created two successful online platforms - Mummy Stories and The Lyme Museum - developed and fostered online communities, created digital magazines and catalogues and taught at university level the keys to successful social media communication.


Conference planning

Learn all the steps to a successful conference for academic and public audiences.

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each event. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. I can assist in the planning, strategizing, production of materials, networking and feedbacks.

I can help you make your events more inclusive of your audience and participants. 

Contact me to find out how I can help today.


Strategizing Communication

Communicating complex issues, collections and projects

I can help to administer, co-develop and communicate relevant protocols, processes and workflows, help you explore projects ideas, deliverables, communication strategies and online presence. I can ensure that your strategy, aims and objectives, brand message and outreach goals are aligned, and that they are supported by strong ethical guidelines, communication plans and that they remain ethical and inclusive in all aspects, from recruitement to online presence. 

I have created and curated numerous projects, from start to finish with successful, award-winning results. 



Making your projects, institutions and online presence accessible is paramount.

I can create opportunities for your team to develop new approaches to embed inclusive ways of working, develop and deliver internal and external programmes, such as participatory workshops, to facilitate the inclusion of diverse perspectives into your collections management practices.

In 2020, I founded The Lyme Museum, a virtual museum exploring the material culture and lived experience of invisible illnesses and disabilities. I have been an inclusion consultant for the Wellcome Collection, the University of Leicester and the National Trust.


Public speaking

I can guest lecture and speak at your events, universities and conferences

I have a wealth of experience delivering engaging, thought-provoking and award winning talks and lectures, in venues ranging from the British Museum, the Museo Egizio in Turin, the Science Museum in London, University College London, the University of Leicester, but also universities in the United States and local schools and pubs! I can deliver lectures, talks and classes in presence and virtually, and meet your audience to deliver tailored and engaging experiences.

I was awarded the Routledge Prize for Best Presentation at the University of Leicester in 2018 for my thought provoking lecture on the Musée de l'Homme and I was the selected speaker for the University of Leicester Alumni Event/ Open Day in 2019.


Writing and copy-editing

From academic articles, to public magazines, and book publishing, I can turn complex topics into engaging writing!

I am an experienced writer, both in French and English, with featured work in Nat Geo Kids, Thrive Global, ICOM Voices, History Magazine and other public print and digital publications.

I am the author of Mummified, The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums (Manchester, 2022), the first print publication to make the ethics of human remains in museums accessible to the large public. 

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