I have a strong track record in the cultural heritage sector, with experience engaging communities, stakeholders and institutions with the practical and ethical complexities associated museums are heritage. I have a strong experience in building sustainable, non-hierarchical partnerships with source and/or diaspora communities, developing ethical practice and protocols around complex histories and objects and engaging audiences. I have a strong commitment to inclusivity and diversity. I have helped institutions and projects in building positive projects that value a collaborative approach, foster an experimental culture and strives for thought-provoking and engaged outcomes. You can find bellow examples of projects I have been involved in.

October 2020-December 2022

Freelance Researcher, Pitt Rivers Museum

Freelance researcher for the Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford) Devolving Restitution, focusing on Egyptology collections and African human remains in UK museums. Funded by Arts Fund.

June 2020

Founder, The Lyme Museum

The Lyme Museum shares the lived experience of those living with invisible illnesses and disabilities, making the invisible visible. We are a small museum registered with the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) in Leicester, UK.

October 2020-September 2021

Inclusion Consultant, Wellcome Collection

Consulting for the Wellcome Collection (London) Inclusion Advisory Group on the inclusion of individuals with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

June 2018-June 2023

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Leicester

I bring to the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester (UK) expertise on human remains in museums, relabeling and participatory projects, and research communication.

January-December 2019

Medicine Galleries Research Fellow, Science Museum

I joined the Science Museum London as Medicine Galleries Research Fellow, conducting research and public engagement on human remains in museums.

June-August 2018

Project Curator, ArtReach, Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

 curated the first relabeling at the museum with local refugees and asylum seekers, who produced 25 new labels. The exhibition run for 7 months, was recognized with the Future Leader Award at the University of Leicester and was the foundation for the creation of a new community gallery at the museum.

September 2014-August 2017

Teaching Assistant

I taught communication courses for researchers, especially using Twitter for your research. I was the Educator on a Twitter course for the 'Socially-Engaged practice' course at the School of Museum Studies by distance learning.

July 2014-August 2014

Collections Intern, Musée du Louvre

I interned in the Egyptian department where I cataloged materials using the internal database, conducted inventory assessment of the collections, participated in departmental strategy development, in particular on the relocation of the museum stored collection and assisted the final preparations for the exhibition 'Des animaux et des pharaons' at the Louvre Lens.

I graduated from University College London with a BA (Hons) in Ancient History and Egyptology, and then from University of Leicester with an MA (distinction) in Museum Studies and a PhD in Museum Studies (2018).