Previous Work

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The Lyme Museum


I am the founder of The Lyme Museum, an online museum registered with the UK Association of Independent Museums. The Lyme Museum explores the material culture and lived experience of invisibile illnesses and disabilities, making the invisible visible.

Human Remains Symposium

September 2019

I organized and run the first interdisciplinary symposium on human remains at the School of Museum Studies, supported by the Science Museum, the Wellcome Trust and the University of Leicester.

Museum relabeling


I curated the first community relabeling at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, with local refugees and asylum seekers.

Mummy Stories

Since 2016

Mummy Stories is the first participatory project on human remains in museums. Since 2016, I collect stories of encounters with human remains in museums from individuals around the world, write in-depth blogs on contemporary issues, edit and share guest blogs and teach online Mummy Stories Lectures.