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'Mummified is a refreshing take on ancient Egyptian human remains. Inviting readers to reflect on and question the history behind the modern Western fascination with "mummies", it will help museum visitors see them as human beings rather than objects of display.'

Dr Heba Abd el Gawad, Egypt's Dispersed Heritage Project, University College London

Listen to my podcast for BBC History Extra 

"This is a fascinating, empathetic and challenging book that will open your eyes to a subject that feels familiar and yet gives us so much more to think about. Mummified: The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums is public history at its very best!"

The Historian Next Door

Tutankhamun - Treasures of the Golden Pharoah Exhibition Tour with Dr Angela Stienne

Guided tour of the Tutankhamun - Treasures of the Golden Pharoah exhibition in London, featuring expert insights on the display of human remains in museums and  an exclusive interview with archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass.

London School of Economics: Dr Angela Stienne on The Lyme Museum

Filmed during lockdown, the video is part of Fading Rainbows: Experiencing and Remembering the COVID-19 Pandemic and part of a series of lesson for Year 5 & 6 school children. These lessons draw on an historical epidemic and think about how we remember it as a way to explore and allow expression of children’s experiences of the coronavirus. They draw on a historical scrapbook in the LSE Library and recorded conversations with academics on peoples’ experiences of the pandemic from around the world.

Documentary Media Centre Reportage Club

Recorded live interview at the Documentary Media Centre on my work on human remains in museums, public engagement and the relabeling project at Leicester Museum and Art Gallery.

The Documentary Media Centre is an independent museum, archive & library.

You can follow the Documentary Media Centre here: Website:

Museums: Sharing the stories we are passionate about - Mummy Stories

How do we share stories from the museum, encourage wider discussion and build up our audience? In this video filmed during lockdown, I share the background to Mummy Stories, the first and largest participatory project of its kind. With over 50 shared stories from around the world this a great example of easy and inclusive storytelling about museums. Now, with over 2000 facebook followers and a following on Instagram and Youtube as well as its own website it is the largest community of individuals interested in the conversation surrounding human remains in museums. Mummy Stories was recognized by the University of Leicester through the Future Leader Award in March 2019, and has been featured internationally, including in France and Canada.

NatGeo Kids Big Interview

Featured interview (2020) for National Geographics Kids UK, exploring the collection, display and retention of human remains in museums, and careers as an Egyptologist, adapted for a younger audience. 

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