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Past & present collaborations

Leicester Museum & Art Gallery

I have collaborated with Leicester Museum & Art Gallery on their community engagement. I project curated the first relabeling at the museum, which was displayed for over 6 months, was featured in the press internationally and will be used in their new community gallery.

University of Leicester

I have worked with the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester on numerous occasions, as guest lecturer on social media communication for the cultural world, on ethics of display and culturally-sensitive objects, and I have mentored a number of students. I am also an Honorary Research Fellow of the University and the recipient of the Future Leader Award 2019.

Wellcome Collection

I am a consultant on the Inclusion board at the Wellcome Collection, engaging on questions of inclusion and accessibility for individuals with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

Pitt Rivers Museum

I am a freelancer for the Devolving Restitution project at the Pitt Rivers Museum, engaging on questions of restitution of African heritage in UK museums. I particularly focus on ways to communicate removal, restitution and repatriation of culturally-sensitive objects to the public.

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