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Tutankhamun - Treasures of the Golden Pharoah Exhibition Tour with Dr Angela Stienne

What better way to escape the lockdown than to join us for a special, guided tour of the Tutankhamun - Treasures of the Golden Pharoah Exhibition, with superb insights from Egyptologist and human remains expert Dr Angela Stienne, featuring an exclusive interview with the world-famous archaeologist Dr Zahi Hawass.

Documentary Media Centre Reportage Club

Human Remains in Museums with John Coster and a live audience at the Documentary Media Centre in Leicester

Dr Angela Stienne is a museum researcher and communicator with interest in the past and contemporary engagements with human remains in museums. Angela is passionate about sharing the modern and contemporary stories of mummies in museums worldwide and actively researches and formulates new ways to address issues surrounding the retention and display of human remains in museums. The Documentary Media Centre is an independent museum, archive & library – registered with AiM (Association of Independent Museums). The Reportage Club is a simple concept. John Coster invites his special guests to discuss documentary media related subjects in front of an invited audience. You can follow the Documentary Media Centre here: Website:

Viral History Interview

How DO YOU become an EGYPTOLOGIST? With Dr Angela Stienne

This week, as part of our NEW "Expert Showcase' series, we speak to Egyptologist, digital story-teller and cultural producer Dr Angela Stienne on her career path and what it takes to develop a specialism from a driving passion in the ever-shifting modern cultural world.

Museums: Sharing the stories we are passionate about - Mummy Stories

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How do we share stories from the museum, encourage wider discussion and build up our audience? Dr Angela Stienne shares the fascinating background to Mummy Stories, the first and largest participatory project of its kind. Angela is a museum researcher and communicator, fascinated by finding ways to engage with museum collections through storytelling. She is also the founder of Mummy Stories, the first participatory project on human remains in museums. With 50 shared stories from around the world this a great example of easy and inclusive storytelling about museums. Now, with over 2000 facebook followers and a following on Instagram and Youtube as well as its own website it is the largest community of individuals interested in the conversation surrounding human remains in museums. Mummy Stories was recognized by the University of Leicester through the Future Leader Award in March 2019, and has been featured internationally, including in France and Canada.