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Dr Angela Stienne

Museums, bodies & ethics


I create physical and digital spaces to share and challenge narratives around material culture, bodies, ethics and inclusion.


I have spent the best of the past decade researching ways to engage the public with the ethics of bodies in museums and heritage.


I believe that emotional conversations, honest and challenging narratives, and engaging storytelling should be at the heart of public engagement in the creative sector..


I am the founder of three internationally-acclaimed projects: Mummy Stories, the first participatory project on the ethics of human remains in museums; The Lyme Museum, an online museum making invisible illnesses and disabilities visible; Museum Takeover, an award-winning relabeling of museum collections by refugees and asylum-seekers. I am also the author of the acclaimed public book, Mummified, The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums (Manchester University Press, 2022). 

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Dr. Angela Stienne is an amazingly innovative, ethical, and intelligent museum professional. She has made great strides towards creating a more inclusive museum environment and ensuring that every voice is heard. I've worked with Dr. Stienne on numerous occasions and her passion has always inspired me. She's not afraid to take risks and she's not afraid to speak out if she sees any ethical concerns. The relabeling project she worked on in Leicester with refugees is one of the most impressive, inclusive, and engaging programs I have ever heard of. I highly recommend Dr. Stienne for any project involving exhibition design, curation, program development, community outreach, or communications.

Madeline Burkhardt, Adult Education Coordinator and Curator at Rosa Parks Museum at Troy University Montgomery

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